Friday, October 9, 2009

The Coconut Tree

In around of my house, get some trees and plants. Yeah... although still too short --the name's plants too..!! :) -- like, coconut tree. I have 4 coconut trees in my garden, 3 still too short and nothing fruit -- is.. alright...!! -- and the one is medium size.. Fruit hang at the tree. You wanna know? my coconut tree on my garden? Yuk..!!?


he...!! 3x yhay one photo..!! and the camera I borrow my friend too.. ;)

I like coconut.. And I like the water in coconut, I call it "degan" -- not the Gun -- It's my favourite drink oher water... and the "ketupat" made by me, created of young coconut leaves. Hmm.. Usually I maked "degan" and "fruit of coconut beef" be "Ice degan"


hmm... yummy, very nice... friend.. you wanna..? ;)

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