Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ketupat

If I found this word in my dictionary, *certainly english* "ketupat" is "rice cooked in a small cubical container plated of young coconut leave" it's enough long... so we calling "ketupat."

In my village, at east java on indonesian country.. :) I call "ketupat" with "kopat" and "lepet" too. Difference between lepet and kopat, if lepet, it's filled "ketan rice" *
sticky rice*. And if kopat, filled rice.

How to make it...,
  1. boiled kopat or lepet... about an hour..
  2. if it is ripe, ready to serve...
  3. better if eaten with lodeh vegetable or tempe vegetable.. hmm... yummy..!! ;)
the name is "lepet"
the name is "kopat"

Life is wonderful friend... and loving your life..!!!
And don;t forget,,!! always take care with your health...

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