Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sony Ericsson T715


The Sony Ericsson T715 has been sat on for quite some time by it Japanese-Swedish mobile maker. We first saw it back in June, but now the “executive” slider, as it’s been styled, is finally out in the UK. Is this a dumphone that suits would ditch their BlackBerry for? And more importantly, what about you? Read on and find out in our Sony Ericsson T715 review.

It’s hard not to be won over by the Sony Ericsson T715’s dinky dimensions at first. Pop it out of its tiny carton and you’ll be cradling it in your palm and making the sort of cooing noises you’d expect from a broody mother, or a pigeon. At just 91.5×48x14.9mm and 97g, it’s tiny, titchy and adorable, but still perfectly usable since the T9 keypad rests underneath the 2.2-inch, sharp QVGA screen.

The troubles start though once you power the Sony Ericsson T715 on. Yes, it’s got 3G, the god-like Google Maps and a fine 3.2MP camera, but when was the last time you saw a Sony Ericsson phone that didn’t? We’re on far too familiar territory here, with the same old menus and same old software.

In fact, it’s almost identical to the Sony Ericsson W995 slider, fast approaching a year old. Admittedly, we’d choose the Sony Ericsson T715 over it, but only because it’s slightly less tacky looking, and comes with a standard microSD slot for stashing your tunes, rather than Sony’s proprietary format, which it’s worked to death like a Blackpool donkey to no avail.

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