Friday, November 20, 2009

Paypal giving Dollar , You Wanna?

Paypal is giving money to you. More than $ 100 for you .. You want? must dunk ..!! to buy a decent snack .. ato for shopping .. hmm ..!!

want to know how? quite easily, we must have a facebook account and pakun paypal .. We continue to invite our friends join ubtuk ..!! you should try ...!!

If you want more clearly the way .. let .. follow me .. :)

1. login to your facebook account
2. Sign in (click) Wishlist Paypal facebook application here.
3. Click "Allow"
4. Input your email that has been registered on paypal and has been verified. Currently the list of PayPal? Click here to register!
5. Then create a wishlist *your wish.. :) * by pressing the "Create New Wishlist" and select the product you want by pressing the pictures.
6. save and refer your Favorites by pressing the "Save & Share This wishlist" wait a moment and write comments on the dialog box that is available to recommend this program Wishlist Paypal on facebook friends you then click PUBLISH.
7. it's over

good luck .. success for us