Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't be cleaned with toothpaste

~ : Why? if use toothbrush without tooth paste, what can destroy germ that in the tooth? than, how do I clean my teeth, if don't use toothpaste? What a tooth brush can prevebting tooth be not-hole :)


+ : Wait.... waiting for me..!!! Don't wrong suspect first..!!! Now, I giving you, Ask!! How kind of tooth, that you have?

~ : I think... I know..., wisdom tooth, Canine-tooth, incisors, milk tooth.. :) and I forget... I quit ... What you means..?!! Say to me...!!

+ : Yes, true of all, .. but... but special for the false teeth...!!! -- dentures -- :) Why?!! you wanna know... Yuk...!!!

  1. Dentures should be removed every night. With such gums can rest after a full day to support the teeth.
  2. dentures cleaned with a brush and soap so that all the dirt up. do not use toothpaste to clean dentures as it will damage the layer of the teeth.
  3. dentures soak into clean water. It is best if marinated using a special cleaning solution that can be picked up dirt with more perfect. This also prevents false teeth lost their water content.
  4. before being used again, brush again with soap dentures. could use a bath soap or other cleansers that are not corrosive.
  5. dentures should be replaced if damaged. Its use should not exceed a given time.

~ : Ooo... I'm certainly, beautiful momment at first sight..!!! :)
+ : Your means?
~ : Just kidding friend..!!! I understand what are you thinking... or no one..!! ;)

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