Thursday, September 24, 2009

About This Blog

Life is the task of human who have the soul. Life is challengge for go to death procces too. Many challengges like, sadness, happyness, cry, hate, love and etc. But, if mothing i all, life will be empty, no more than the tree without root, branch, leafe, flower than fruit.

And about this blog, actually nothing special, just ordinary blog, but I always to pray, wish you like my blog friend, and I'll trying make you that visited my blog, know that we god, created this world, all in this Universe. About story my life till science that make open our hearts.

And me haven't much to understand about life too.. whwt is love? sad, hate?.... Always struck my heart. Until... I take my Pen and scrach to the my book... Paper that white colour.

If my article luck agree in your heart, please contack me at or comment in this blog. Because I wanna learn to be better, right now and further.

And wish You like with my blog friend...

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